Microsoft Access Shortcut Keys - PDF Download

Download some helpful MS Access shortcut keys PDF to save your valuable time at work. You can find here all MS Access shortcut keys (PDF) for work
Microsoft Access Shortcut Keys - PDF Download

A database is a collection of logically related and similar data. The database stores a similar kind of data for a specific purpose that is organized in such a manner that any information can be retrieved from it when needed, Microsoft Access is an application which always creating of the database. Microsoft Access is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). If you don't know about Microsoft Access shortcut keys, in this post we will give you Microsoft Access all shortcut keys PDF for download.

Working with Database Object

Shortcut KeysFunctions
Ctrl + N Create a new Database
Ctrl + O Open an exsiting Database
Alt + N Create new Database object
Alt + O Open Database object
Ctrl + P Print the current or selected database object
Ctrl + C Copy the selected object
Ctrl + X Cut the selected object
Ctrl + V Paste the cutted / Copied object
Delete Delete an object

Working with Tables

Shortcut KeysFunctions
Ctr + Plus sign (+) Add new record
Ctr + Semicolon (;) Insert the current data
Ctrl + Shift +Colon(:) Insert the current time
Ctrl + Alt + Spacebar Insert the default value for a field
Ctrl + Apostrophe(')Insert the value form the same field the previous record
Ctrl + ASelect all records
Ctrl + Minus sign (-)Delete the current record
EscUndo changes made to the current field/record

Navigation in a Table

Shortcut KeysFunctions
Tab Next field
Shift + Tab Previous field
Page Down Next screen
Page Up Previous screen
Ctrl + Up arrowFirst record
Ctrl + Down arrowLast record
Down arrowNext record
Up arrowPrevious record

Design View

Shortcut KeysFunctions
Alt + D Open a Database object in design view
Alt + Enter Display a property sheet in design view
Alt + V + P Open property sheet for the selected object in design view

Common Tasks

Shortcut KeysFunctions
Ctrl + B Bold letters
Ctrl + I Italicise letters
Ctrl + U Underline letters
Ctrl + F Find text
Ctrl + H Replace text
F5 Refresh
F2 Rename
Ctrl + A Select All
Ctrl + Y Redo Last Action
Ctrl + Z Undo Last Action
Ctrl + W Close the active window
F1 Open Microsoft Access help
Ctrl + Shift + A Sort selected data in ascending order
Ctrl + Shift + Z Sort selected data indescending order
F7 Check spelling

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