Christmas - Festival, and Fairs of India

Christmas - Festival, and Fairs of India

Festivals and fairs are an intrinsic part of Indian culture, the medium of our beliefs and feelings. Each community has its own festivals and holidays but this does not prevent other religious groups from enjoying the days of these festivals

India is a secular country and holidays are announced for festivals related to different religions and communities. Among those festivals, Christmas is the biggest festival in the Christian community. In this article, I am going to share information about the Christmas festival.

Christmas festival

The Christmas festival is celebrated around the world as the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ and it falls on 25 December every year. The festivities begin with the Midnight Mass held in all churches on the night of 24 December to 25 December, symbolizing the birth of Christ at midnight. People attend the church where many programs are organized to make the devotees do not forget the good work of Christ.

People go to each other's houses and exchange gifts. The two rituals associated with the festival are of the Christmas tree, which is installed in everyone's home. It is decorated with lamps, lights, and Holi. The second myth is of Santa Claus, which is considered the harbinger of gifts. People sing carols on this day and distribute sweets and cakes.

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