What is Nightfall - Causes & Treatments of Nightfall

What is Nightfall - Causes & Treatments of  Nightfall

Nightfall is the uncontrolled discharge of semen while we are in sleep. It is caused by sexual desire and dreams of sex. Nightfall is normal for males during teenagers and adults. It is a condition caused by stress, anxiety and a modern lifestyle. Nightfall can weaken a person sexually.

Its symptoms are felling asleep, inflammation during urination. when its symptoms are seen, it requires a medical diagnosis.

In some cases, it lasts for years or a lifetime. It is noncommunicable. Night discharge usually occurs during sleep in the early morning or late at night. This problem is due to a weakness in the muscles and nerves of the penis.

Usually, men have the capacity to hold the semen, but when it is excess it is eliminated in the form of nightfall. In the case of excessive semen flow, a person may experience weakness, loss of memory, infertility, dizziness. In some cases, the person might pass urine along with semen.

Treatment of Nightfall

1. Meditation controls inner feelings and increases concentration.  This helps in distracting men from unwanted activities.

2. Exercise and yoga allow a person to control its mind, body. By regular yoga, nightfall can be avoided.

3. Bathing before going to bed is helpful as it relaxes the body and mind and gives good sleep.

4. A healthy diet is very important to avoid this. 

The doctor advises some methods in reducing the incident of nightfall. By avoiding spicy foods, proper diet and exercising, urinating before going to sleep it can be reduced. Avoiding porn, reducing good books, listening to sweet music before going to bed will reduce dreams of sex. Those who take testosterone medicines should stop taking or reduce dosage to be safe.

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