List of First in The World - PDF [Male, Female & Countries]

First In The World  - This list is very important for all your competitive exams like SSC, CGL, CHSL, UPSC, IAS, Railways, Banking CDS IBPS, SBI, State PCS and other competitive exams. We know that, Static G.k is one of the most important sections in every competitive exam and Static G.k includes the list of  'First In The World'. To make a good score in any competitive examinations, know the complete list of  'First in the World'.

List Of First In The World - PDF [Static G.K]

A close look into the history of human beings would reveal the thought that individual has associate degree innate tendency to evolve, explore and journey. many folks have maintained this innate human tendency that conjointly verifies the honestness of this concept. Here, we have giving an entire list of ‘First within the World’ that consists of all those human explorations and adventures, expeditions, discoveries and inventions that were created initial time within the history of human beings.

List Of First In The World

  1. The first person to reach Mount Everest — Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, Edmund Hillary
  2. The first person to reach North Pole — Robert Peary
  3. The first country to commence competitive exam — China
  4. The first country to issue paper currency — China
  5. The first president of the USA — George Washington
  6. The first country to print book — China
  7. The first religion of the world — Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma)
  8. The first person to reach South Pole — AmundsenT
  9. The first country to send man to the moon — USA
  10. The first European to attack India — Alexander, The Great
  11. The first Governor General of Pakistan — Mohd. Ali Jinnah
  12. University of the World — Taxila University
  13. The first prime minister of Britain — Robert Walpole
  14. First Space Tourist (Male) — Dennis Tito of USA (2001)
  15. The first country to prepare a constitution — USA
  16. First Space Tourist (Female) — Mrs. Anousheh Ansari in 2004
  17. The first Governor General of the United Nations — Trigveli (Norway)
  18. The first country to win Football World Cup — Uruguay
  19. The first European to reach China — Marco Polo
  20. The first person to land on the moon — Neil Armstrong followed by Edwin E. Aldrin 
  21. The first country to launch Artificial satellite into space — Russia
  22. Country to launch Radio Telescope satellite into space — Japan
  23. The first spacecraft to reach on Mars — Viking–1
  24. The first woman president of the U.N. General Assembly — Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit
  25. First man to compile Encyclopedia — Aspheosis
  26. The first country to host the modern Olympics — Greece
  27. The first person to sail around the world — Magellan
  28. First country to make education compulsory — Prussia
  29. The first man to fly into space — Yuri Gagarin (Russia)
  30. The first US president to resign presidency — Richard Nixon
  31. Man to walk in space — Alexei Leonov, 1965
  32. Man to win Nobel Prize in Literature — Rene FA and Silt Pradhom
  33. The first Country to host NAM Summit — Belgrade (Yugoslavia)
  34. Man to win Nobel Prize in for peace — Jin F Dunant and Frederic Pierre
  35. Man to swim across the English Channel — Matthew Webb 1875
  36. The first person to fly Aeroplane — Wright Brothers
  37. Man to win Nobel Prize in Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Economics — JH Wenthoh, AE Wonn Behring, Ranger Fish and John Tinbergen.
  38. The first city on which the atom bomb war dropped — Hiroshima (Japan)
  39. Asian city to host Olympics — Tokyo, Japan, 1964
  40. Athletic disqualified at the Olympics for drug use — Hans - Gunnar Liljenwall, Mexico Olympics, 1968
  41. The first woman cosmonaut of the world — Valentina Tereshkova (Russia)
  42. Space Vehicle to land on the Moon — Lunar Exploration Module (LEM)
  43. First to draw the map of Earth — Anaximander
  44. The first woman Prime Minister of England — Margaret Thatcher
  45. The first woman PM of a country — Mrs S. Bandaranaike (Srilanka)
  46. The first Muslim PM of a country — Benazir Bhutto (Pak)
  47. The first shuttle to go in space — Columbia
  48. The first woman to climb Mount Everest — Mrs. Junko Tabei (Japan)
  49. The first batsman to score the three test century in three successive test on debut — Azharuddin 
  50. The first man to have climbed Mount Everest twice — Nawang Gombu
  51. Movie in the world — The Jazz singer 1927
  52. Man to sail around the world alone — Joshua Slocum
  53. Blind person to conquer the Everest — Erik Weihenmayer USA, 2001

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