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Useful MS PowerPoint Shortcut Keys. Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation software is used for creation of slides and to display the information in form of presentation of slides, and it's provides tools like editor that allows inserting and formatting of text and methods for inserting and manipulating graphics image along with sound and visual effects. If you knew about all shortcut keys of Microsoft PowerPoint so you can do your work in computer fast. If you don't know about Microsoft PowerPoint shortcut keys, in this post we will give you Word all shortcut keys PDF.

MS PowerPoint Shortcut Keys [PDF Download]

PowerPoint Shortcut Keys
F5 View the slide show.
Shift+ Ctrl+ End Selects all text form cursor to the end of the active text box
S Stop the slide show press S again to restart the slide show
ESC End the slide show
CRTL + A Select all items on the page or the active text box
CRTL + B Applies bold to the selected text
CRTL + F Opens the find and replace dialog box with find tab
Shift+ click each slide Select more than one slide
CRTL +H Opens the find and replace dialog box with replace tab
CRTL +I Applies italic to the selected text
CRTL +M Insert a new slide
CRTL +N Open a new blank presentation
CRTL +O Opens the open dialog box
CRTL +T Opens the fond dialog box
CRTL +U Applies underlining to the selected text
CRTL +V Paste the cutted and copied text
CRTL +W Closes the presentation
CRTL +Y Repeats or undo the last command entered
CRTL +Home Moves cursor in beginning of presentation
CRTL +End Move cursor to end of presentation
Shift + click each side Select more than one slide in a presentation
F1 Opens the help dialog box
Shift+ Ctrl+ Home Selects all text form cursor to the start of the active text box

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Download Microsoft PowerPoint Shortcut keys [PDF]

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