How To Create Stylish Sitemap Page In Blogger Webiste

Hello Friends, Today I will tell you how to create a stylish Sitemap page for your Blogger website. You may have seen many tutorials for creating your own Sitemap page for your Blogger website, so today i will give step by step Blogger tutorial for beginners on how to create a blogger sitemap page, Whom you can create a smart sitemap page for your blogger website.

View Demo: Live Demo 1/preview/button/#ff0000    Live Demo 2/preview/button/#ff0000

How To Create Stylish Sitemap Page In Blogger Webiste

Step 1: Login to your Blogger site and select your blog
Step 2: After that go to page and click on new page.

Step 3: Click on HTML Tap and clean all HTML code then copy my HTML code and paste in this clean box

Get Code: Sitemap code 1/link/button/#ff0000   Sitemap code 2/link/button/#ff0000

Do not click on the compose otherwise the code will not work. alert-warning

Step 4:  Don't allow from Readers comments
Step 5: Then Click on Publish Tap
I hope you understand how to create sitemap page in blogger. If you have any doubt so you can comment, i will clear your doubt. ThankQ

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