The Population policy of the Government of India.

In the past independence period the GOVT  of India , the first population senses was eon ducted by the GOVT. of India in the year 1951. Total population was 36 crore. This was a causes of concern our economic planners. The GOVT. of India decided to introduce policy measures to control growth rate of  population in India.
         The first population policy was declared by the GOVT. of India in the year 1951. The main objective is to check to growth rate of population in our country. Population policy in  India  is voluntary in nature. The concept of two children is adopted in our population policy.
           In the year 1976 the GOVT. our new population in our country. Following are some of the important feature of the new population policy.
(1) Out of the total control central assistance 80% has been year marked for population control or family planning.
(2) The new policy proposed for increasing the marriageable age of boys and girls to 21 years to 18 years respectable .           
(3) The policy proposed for making primary and elementary education as free and compulsory.
   After a long gap of 24 years the GOVT. of India realised the gravity of situation of population explosion. It was decided to adopted another population policy in our country. The GOVT. declared the new national population policy in 2000.
   Following are some of the important feature of national population policy 2000.
(1) Free and compulsory education to all below the age 14 and measeres to reduce school dropout.     
(2) To reduce to infect mortarality to 30 per thousand.
(3) To reduce maternal mortarality rate  to 10 per thousand.
(4) To permot delayed marriage among girl child.
(5) Out of the total birth of child 80% should be in GOVT. hospital reputed privated clinices.
(6) To control birth death and marriage.
(7) To provide compulsory immunisation.
(8) To permot the concept of two child norm.
In order to provide support to various majores and taken in 200 nation population policy , the GOVT. has decided from under J&K . The chair manshipe of prime minister. The GOVT. of India also introduce certain other policy majors and makes budgetary provisions in 11th  5 years plan
          Thus the population policy major undertaken by our national Govt. During different 5 years plans have been successful to some extended in controlling the problems of population explosion but there are creation lags in our population planning . Hens concert majores should under taken by the GOVT. of our country to put a permeant check on the problems of population explosion.   
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