Logistics all short from and what is logistics managements?

Logistics is the generally the detailed organization. In general business sense logistics is the management of the flow of thinks.
What is logistics managements?
 Coordination Management is that place of store networks administrations that arrangements, executes, and controls the productive, successful forward and inverts and capacity of merchandise, benefits and related data between forward purpose of beginning and purpose of utilization so to meet client’s prerequisites.
Productions network administrations guarantees three streams:
  • Item stream/service flow
  • Data Flow
  • Fund/Money Flow

The product flow is the movement of goods from suppliers to customers and customers to manufacturer in case of any customer returns of service requirements.
The information flow covers updating the status of the delivery as well as sharing information between supplier and manufacturers. Information flow is supposed to happen on real time basis, without any distortion and delay to ensure demand is met with correct supplies. The information flow in the supply chain includes the market signalling amongst the supply chain members regarding end-user preferences.
The finance flow is the result of first two flows that encompasses credit terms, payments schedules and consignment and title ownership arrangements. A Warehouse picker work in warehouse environment where their prime duty is to pick up orders and deliver them to the delivery platform for the benefit of customer. They are expected to pick customer order for shipment keeping in mind the quantity and type that is specified in the pick list.

Short forms of logistics
3PL: Third Party Logistics
APS: Advance planning and Scheduling
ASN: advance Shipping Notice
AWB: air way bill
BOL: bile of loading
B2B: Business to Business
B2C: Business to Consumers
CT: Commercial Invoice
COO: Certificate of Origin
CRF: cost Fright and Rate
CRM: customer Relationship Manage
DG: Dangerous Goods
DC: Distribution Center 
ERP: Enterprise Resources Planning
FCL: Full Container Load
FSIS: Food Safety Inspection Service
GST: Goods service Tax
LCL: Less-than Container Load
LPCO: Licence Permit Certificate And Other
LSP: Logistics Service Providers
LTL: Less-than Container Load
MOT: Modes to Transportation
MRP: Material Resources Planning
PO: Purchase Order
QMB: Quality Management Service
RFID: Radio Frequency Identification
ROI: Return on Investment
SCM: Supply Chain Management
Tl: Truck Load
MMID: Mobile Money
MPIN: Mobile Pin
TM: Transport Management
TMS: Transport Management System
VAN: Value Added Network
VAS: value added Services
VAT: Value Added Tax
WIM: warehouse Management
WTO: World Trade Organisation
WCO: world Custom Organisation
WMS: Warehouse Management System

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