Some general Q and A OF IB EXAM 20018-20019
1: International Day of Yoga is celebrated annually on : (Ans: 21 June)
2: City of lake's in India is : (Ans: Udaipur )
3: How many states are there in India? (Ans: 29 )
4: During Akbar's regime, who carried out land revenue reforms : (Ans: Todar Mal  )
5: which of the unit of heat? ( Ans: joule )
7: Jaundice of caused due malfunctioning of : (Ans: liver)
8: what is the boiling point of water in Fahrenheit? (Ans: 212°F )
9: Who was the founder of  Banaras Hindu University? (Ans: Madan Mohan Malaviya )
10: where do you find the temple of Angkorwat? (Ans: Combodia)
11: The Bhakra Dam in India is built on: (Ans: Sutluj River)
12: Who wrote 'Ramcharitamanas'? (ANS: Tulsidas)
13: The River know as Ganges of the South is : ( Kaveri )
14: Where is the Tungbhadra Sanctuary Located? (Ans: Karnataka)
15: where is Nanda Devi Mountain? ( Ans: Uttrakhand)
16: Jaya Samhita is the Original Name Of : Mahabharata)
17: Rickets is caused due to deficiency of : (Vitamin D)
18: Who was the first woman speaker of Lok Sabha? (Ans: Meira Kumar)
19: With which sport is term Butterfly associated with: (Ans: Swimming)
20: The resolution for removal of Vice President of India should be moved in: (Ans: Rajya Sabha)

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