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In daily life every students and office using Computer. If you knew about all computer shortcut keys so you can do your work in computer fast. If you don't know about Computer shortcut keys, in this post i will give you Computer all shortcut keys PDF.

Shortcut keys of MS-Excel

F2   Edit the selected cell.
F5   Got to a specific cell.
F7   Checks the spelling.
F11  ⇒ Create Chart.
CTRL+SHIFT+;  ⇒ Enter the current Time.
CTRL+;  ⇒ Enter the current date.
Shift+F3  ⇒ Open the insert Function window.
Shift+F5  ⇒ Opens Find and replace dialog box.
CTRL+A  ⇒ Select all contents of the worksheets.
CTRL+B  ⇒ Bold highlighted selection.
CTRL+I   ⇒ Italic highlighted selection.
CTRL+K  ⇒ Insert Link.
CTRL+U  ⇒ Underline highlighted selection.
CTRL+P  ⇒ Bring out the print dialog box to being prating.
CTRL+Z  ⇒ Undo the last action.
CTRL+F9  ⇒ Minimize current workbook.
CTRL+F10  ⇒ Minimize current selected workbook.
CTRL+F6  ⇒ Switch between open workbooks/ Windows.
CTRL+  ⇒ Page Up Move the previous sheet between Excel worksheet in the same Excel
CTRL+P  ⇒ Being up print dialog box to being printing.
CTRL+Z  ⇒ Undo the last action.
CTRL+ Page Down ⇒ Move the next sheet between Excel worksheet in the same Excel document.
CTRL+ Tab ⇒ Move between or more open Excel Files.
ALT+=  ⇒ Create a formula to sum all of the above cell.
Shift + home  ⇒ Go to the first cell in the current row.
CTRL + shift+!  ⇒ Format number in comma format.
CTRL + shift+$  ⇒ Format number in currency format.
CTRL + shift+#  ⇒ Format number in date format.
CTRL + shift+%  ⇒ Format number in percentage format.
CTRL + shift+@  ⇒ Format number in time format.
CTRL+ SPACE  ⇒  Select entire column.
SHIFT+SPACE  ⇒  Select entire row.

Shortcut keys of MS-PowerPoint

F5 ⇒ View the slide show.
Shift+ Ctrl+ Home  Selects all text form cursor to the start of the active text box.
Shift+ Ctrl+ End  Selects all text form cursor to the end of the active text box.
S  Stop the slide show press S again to restart the slide show.
ESC  End the slide show.
CRTL + A  Select all items on the page or the active text box.
CRTL + B  Applies bold to the selected text.
CRTL + F  Opens the find and replace dialog box with find tab.
Shift+ click each slide  Select more than one slide.
CRTL +H  Opens the find and replace dialog box with replace tab.
CRTL +I  Applies italic to the selected text.
CRTL +M  Insert a new slide.
CRTL +N  Open a new blank presentation.
CRTL +O  Opens the open dialog box.
CRTL +T  Opens the fond dialog box.
CRTL +U  Applies underlining to the selected text.
CRTL +V  Paste the cutted and copied text.
CRTL +W  Closes the presentation.
CRTL +Y  Repeats or undo the last command entered.
CRTL +Home   Moves cursor in beginning of presentation.
CRTL +End   Move cursor to end of presentation.
Shift + click each side  ⇒ Select more than one slide in a presentation.
F1  ⇒ Opens the help dialog box.

Shortcut keys of MS-Access

CTRL+ N ⇒ Create a new database.
CTRL+O ⇒ Open exiting database.
CTRL+N ⇒ Create a new database object.
Alt + O ⇒ Open database object.
CTRL+S ⇒ Save a database object.
CTRL+P  Print the current or selected database.
CTRL+C ⇒ Copy the selected object.
CTRL+ x ⇒ Cut the selected object.
CTRL+ V ⇒ Paste the cutted or copied object.
Delete ⇒ Delete an abject.
CTRL+ plus sing (+) ⇒ Add a new record.
CTRL+ Semicolon (;) ⇒ Insert the current data.
CTRL+ shit+ colon (:) ⇒ Insert the current time.
CTRL+ Bar+ space bar ⇒ Insert the default value for the field.
CTRL+ Apostrophe (‘) ⇒ Insert the value form the same field in the previous record.
CTRL+ A ⇒ Select all record.
CTRL+ Minus sign (-) ⇒ Delete the current record.
ESC ⇒ Undo changes made to the current field/record.
Tab  Next field.
Shift + Tab ⇒ Previous field.
Page Down ⇒ Next screen.
Page up  Previous screen.
CTRL+ Up arrow ⇒ First Record.
CTRL+ Down arrow ⇒ Last arrow.
Alt + D ⇒ Open database object in design view.
Alt + Enter Display a property sheet in design view..
Alt + V + P ⇒ Open property sheet for the selected object in design view
CTRL+ Shift + A ⇒ Sort selected data in ascending order.

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Shortcut keys of MS-Word

Ctrl + N ⇒ Creates a new document .
Ctrl + O or Ctrl + F12 ⇒ Opens an existing document  .
Ctrl + s o or shift + F12 ⇒ Save the active document.
Ctrl + A ⇒ Select all contents of the page.
Ctrl + Por Ctrl + shift + F12 ⇒ Print the active document.
Ctrl + F2 ⇒ Displayed full pages as they are printed.
F7 ⇒ Checks the spelling in the active document.
Ctrl + X ⇒ Cuts the selected text and puts it on the clipboard.
Ctrl + C ⇒ Copies the selected text and put it on clipboard.
Ctrl + V OR Shift + insert ⇒ Inserts the clipboard contents at the insertion point.
Ctrl + Shift + C ⇒ Copies the formatting of the selected text to a specified location.
Ctrl + Z ⇒ Reverses certain command .
Ctrl + Y ⇒ Reverses the action of the Undo button.
F1 ⇒ Provide the help for working on MS-Word.
Ctrl + F ⇒ Opens Find and replace dialog box with find tab .
Ctrl + K ⇒ Insert link.
Ctrl + Backspace  Deletes word of the right of cursor .
Deletes ⇒ word to the left of cursor.
Alt + Shift + D Insert the current data.
Alt + Shift + T ⇒ Insert the current time.

Browser shortcut keys

CTRL+T : New tab.
CTRL+N : New window.
CTRL+SHIFT+N : New incognito window.
CTRL+J : Download menu.
CTRL+F : Find.
CTRL+T : Delete and open history.
Ctrl+SHIFT+DELETE : Delete all browser data.
Ctrl+d : bookmark page.
Ctrl+shift+t : restore last close tab.

Computer important shortcut keys

Win+ PRTSCSYSRQ :  Screenshot.
Win+A : Action center.
Win+E : File explorer.
Win+Tab : See your all tab.
W+ R : Run mode.
Win+L : lock screen.
Alt+Tab : Switch to another program.
Alt+F4 and enter : shutdown pc.
Alt+F4 : close open program.
Window+D : minimize all windows.
Shift+ Arrow: select text.


Alt + 0177 [ ± ] plus or minus sign
Alt + 0182 [ ¶ ] paragraph mark
Alt + 0190 [ ¾ ] fraction, three fourths
Alt + 0215 [ × ] multiplication sign
Alt + 01625 [ ¢ ] the cent sign
Alt + 0161 [ ¡ ] upside down exclamation point
Alt + 0191 [ ¿ ] upside down question mark
Alt + 1 [] smiley face
Alt + 2 [ ☻ ] black smiley face
Alt + 0153 [ ™ ] trademark symbol
Alt + 0169 [ © ] copyright symbol
Alt + 0174 [ ® ] registered symbol
Alt + 0176 [ ° ] degree symbol
Alt + 15 [☼] sun 
Alt + 12 [ ] female sign
Alt + 11 [ ] male  sign
Alt + 6 [ ] spade
Alt + 8721 [ ∑ ] N-ary summation ( auot sum )
Alt + 251 [ √ ] square root check mark
Alt + 24 [ ↑ ] up arrow
Alt +25 [ ↓ ] down arrow
Alt + 26 [ → ] right arrow
Alt +27 [ ← ] left arrow
Alt + 18 [ ↕ ] up/down arrow
Alt + 29 [ ↔ ] left/right arrow 
Alt + 5 [ ] club
Alt + 3 [ ] heart
Alt + 4 [ ] diamond
Alt +13 [ ♪ ] eight note
Alt + 14 [♫ ] beamed eight note


CTRLL+C : Copy the selected item.
CTRL+X : Cut the selected item.
CTRL+V : Past the select item.
CTRL+Z : Undo an action.
SHIFT+DELETE : Delete the selected item without moving it to the recycle bin first.
F2 : Rename the selected item.
CTRL+RIGHT ARROW : Move the cursor to the beginning of the next word.
CTRL+ LEFT ARROW : Move the cursor to the beginning of the previous word.
CTRL+ DOWN ARROW : Move the cursor to the beginning of the previous paragraph.
CTRL+SHIFT WITH AN ARROW KEY : Select a block of text.
CTRL+A  : Select all item in a document or window.
ALT+ENTER : Display properties for the selected items.
ALT+ TAB : Switch between open items.
Windows log key + tab : cycle through programs on the task bar by using windows FLIP 3-D.
ALT + ESC : Cycle through items in the order in which they were opened.
F4 : Display the address bar list in window explorer.


END : Display the bottom of the active windows.
HOME : Display the top of active window.
NUM LOCK + PLUS SIGN ON on numeric keypad : Display the contents of the selected folder
LEFT ARROW : Collapse the current selection ( if it is expanded ), or select the parent folder.
ALT+RIGHT ARROW : View the next folder.
ALT+D : Select the address bar.

Windows sidebar keyboards shortcuts

WINDOWS LOGO KEY + SPACE BAR : Bring all gadgets to the front and select sidebar.
WINDOWS LOGO KEY + G : Cycle through sidebar gadgets.
TAB : Cycle through sidebar controls.

Windows photo gallery keyboards shortcuts

CTRL+F : Open the fix pane
CTRL+ P : Print the selected picture
ENTER : View the selected picture at a larger size
CTRL+I : Open or close the details pane
CTRL+PERIOD (.) : Rotate the picture clockwise
F2 : Rename the selected item
CTRL+E : Search for an item

Windows help viewer keyboard shortcuts  

ALT+C : Display the table of contents
ALT+N : Display the connection setting menu
F10 : Display the options menu
ALT+A Display the customer support page
ALT+ HOME : display the help support home page
CTRL+F : Search the current topic

Computer shortcut keys - PDF Download 

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